Domestic Stoneless Detail
About Fully Autlomatic Flour Mill
  • Flour Mill available in market are not trule automatic through they are claming.
  • LEENOVA can identify the type of Grain itself and manages grinding techniques asper.
  • This Management techniques keeps updating itself during the whole grinding session and lets user free from setting of the grinding regulator.
  • Single strip Regulator Automation without extra motor or gear is the speciality of leenova's electromagnetic system.
  • LEENOVA is the only regulator less fully automatic flour mill which resums autorestart and other setting even after power failour.
  • LEENOVA is the only regulator less flour mill which gives you freedom like an open sky.
  • Easy automatic without gear/extra motor
  • With automatic regulator function
  • Attractive colour with soft look
  • Balanced rotor
  • Stainless Steel hopar
  • Powder coated matching hinges
  • Steel hngs for drum
  • Double wheel caster
  • Manual release system
  • Auto restart(Even after power failure)
  • Excellent service after sale
  • Fully automatic in true sense
Weat 8 to 12 Kg. Rice 9 Kg. Dhana 17 Kg.
Ravo 29 Kg. Mag 23 Kg. Jiru 7 Kg.
Udad 26 Kg. Bajari 4 Kg. Mari 13 Kg.
Besan 23 Kg. Sweet corn 7 Kg. Turmeric 9 Kg.
Sugar 34 Kg. Salt 38 Kg. Amala 12 Kg.